• Automated & Integrated Managament (AIM)
    Consolidate many cybersecurity and management functions into one unified management
    framework to reduce complexity and costs, and promptly responde to malicious activities.
    Multi-level defense system, Proactive Management and Protection, Adaptable and Scalable
    Architecture
  • Active Cyber Security (ACS)
    Inspired by human nervous system to
    provide continuous monitoring, analysis
    and mitigation against any anomalous
    behavior triggered by cyberattacks, faults
    or accidents
  • - Detect accurately with low false
      alarms threats that might be
      triggered by insiders or externals,
      known or unknown cyberattacks
    Anomaly Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Integrate Biometrics (keyboard
    and mouse usage patterns) with
    system, network, and software
    metrics to uniquely identify
    how each user interact with its
    computer environment and how
    he/she types and mouses to
    detect insider threats and
    malicious activities
    User Cyber DNA (UCD)

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Autonomic Cyber Security

The exponential increase of network connections, bandwidth, users, processing and global dependence on the Internet has greatly increased vulnerabilities of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to more and more sophisticated and motivated attacks. In spite of drastically increased funding for R&D and deployment of information assurance defenses, reports of attacks on, and damage to the IT Infrastructure are growing at an accelerated rate.

  • AIM Mini Series
  • AIM S Series
  • AIM ITD Series
  • AIM PPS Series
  • AIM SIEM Series

  • Managed Cybersecurity Services (MCS)
  • Protection as a Service (PaaS)
  • Insider Threat Detection, Host IDS as a Service (HaaS)
  • Managed Critical Infrastructure Security Services (MCISS)
  • Smart Building Protection
  • Smart Home Protection
  • Smart Grid Protection