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AVIRTEK is a professional services and product development firm that focuses on development of smarter cybersecurity appliances and services. A true alternative to the existing security and management technologies that have failed to secure and protect our cyber resources and services. Theses technologies have failed due to many reasons:

  1. They are mainly signature based solutions that cannot detect new and novel cyberattacks
  2. They use many isolated and heterogeneous tools for monitoring performance, fault and security that make it extremely difficult for human to comprehend and manage in a timely manner
  3. Manually intensive activities make them too slow to respond and act in a timely manner against malicious threats (e.g., according to a recent survey of 50 benchmark companies, the average detection of a cyberattack is 18 days and the damage cost for that period is $415,748).

Automated and Integrated Management

AVIRTEK's Automated and Integrated Management (AIM) technology is a disruptive technology that can effectively solve the challenges of cyber complexity, heterogeneity and dynamism.

AVIRTEK patented anomaly based behavior analysis of all communications layers, software systems and applications will enable the detection of any anomalous event that might have been triggered by malicious attacks, faults or accidents.

The AIM technology provides programmable automated/semi-automated management actions that will make cyberspace resources and services to be resilient against any type of malicious threats, faults, or accidents. The deployment of AVIRTEK AIM technology will enable your organization to:

  1. Stop/eliminate the effectiveness of spams, viruses, worms and cyberattacks (known or unknown) on cyber systems and their services
  2. Deliver superior information services that cannot be stopped or compromised in spite of attacks and failures.