News - ACCESSWIRE 09/09/2019

AVIRTEK Awarded $1.5 Million to Develop Autonomic Security Operations Center (ASoC)

TUCSON, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2019 / AVIRTEK, Inc., is pioneering the development of cybersecurity products that can self-protect entire networks and beyond (users, computers, networks, data and applications) from any type of cyberattack. AVIRTEK announced today its largest product development award, received from the U.S. Air Force and Army. The award will allow AVIRTEK’s ASoC technology to secure and protect their datacenters. READ MORE

News - KGUN9 (10.30.2014)

Cyber security breaches, Tucson expert has the answer

It seems like we can't avoid it, hackers getting a hold of our personal information. In fact, recently a Russian group hacked 1.2 billion user names and passwords. Not to mention, major companies like JP Morgan Chase issuing warnings to 76 million households. But there is some groundbreaking work being done in a lab at the University of Arizona College of Engineering. Professor Salim Hariri has been working on software for 10 years. It would allow computer systems to manage themselves, it's called Cyber Footprint.

News - AZ Tech Beat (10.27.2014)

Startup Avirtek combats hackers by scanning your cyber-footprint

Every time you use a computer, you leave behind a record of what you do, what programs you use and plenty of personal information. Tucson-based startup Avirtek wants to harness those digital fingerprints to help protect you. They call it user cyber-Footprint. The company, born in a University of Arizona laboratory, offers software solutions to cyber-security issues and bundles them with a variety of hardware appliances. The goal of these appliances is to replace and integrate several separate parts of the the network landscape, including routers, storage servers, firewalls and anti-virus protection among others. READ MORE

News - KGUN9 (09.26.2014)

UA team developing software to prevent cyber attacks

Hacking into servers and stealing personal information seems to be getting easier by the day. "We feel attacks are being launched very fast and humans managing the attack detection and protection, it's just not feasible anymore," said Salim Hariri, a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. Hariri has developed technology where the computer could immediately detect a security breach and stop the hack in progress before a person is even aware of something is wrong. READ MORE


Avirtek, Inc. Chosen to Present Innovative Security Solutions in Washington, D.C. at SINET Showcase 2010

AVIRTEK Chosen to Present Innovative Security Solutions in Washington, D.C. at SINET Showcase 2010! October 05, 2010 - Press Release: AVIRTEK has been selected to introduce its innovative security technology during the "Security Innovation Network" (SINET) Showcase 2010 on October 27 in Washington, D.C. SINET, an organization focused on advancing Cybersecurity innovation through public-private collaboration, offered early-stage and emerging growth companies an opportunity to apply to present their Cybersecurity solutions at the SINET Showcase. READ MORE


All Tests Passed!

In July, 2006 AVIRTEK successfully demonstrated the ability of its Autonomic Network Defense (AND) system to successfully detect all types of network attacks, known and unknown with 99% accurate detection rate, and less than 1% false alarm during the final demonstration of the AND prototype held at AVIRTEK headquarters in Tucson, AZ. AND is part of AMIDS.

AVIRTEK Given Contract with the Air Force!

In October, 2005 AVIRTEK was awarded a contract with the Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab to develop and demonstrate its technology to detect and protect network attacks in real time.