Active Cyber Security (ACS)


The Cyber Infrastructure is continuously monitored by the Avirtek software as shown in Figure 1, below. Sophisticated software algorithms determine if the cyber behaviors are operating within a well-defined "Green Zone" that is established during the training phase. In the event that a process goes outside the "Green Zone", access is immediately shut down and a System Alert is automatically generated to management so automated and/or semi-automated responses can be taken to bring the system back to the "Green Zone" state.

ACS consists of three (3) specific technologies that continuously monitor system operation, ana-lyzes its behavior and take proactive actions once a threat is detected. These technologies consist of the following processes:

  • User-Cyber Footprint(UCF)
  • Anomaly Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Automated and Integrated Management (AIM)
Figure 1 Continuous Monitoring, Analytics, Adaptation and Mitigation