Web Analysis and Protection

Problems Solved by the WAP Service

There is an exponential growth in the number of attacks, their complexity, and intensities against Websites. In fact, compromised websites are actively being used by cyber criminals to launch attacks, for black market trading and for other criminal activities. The current security solutions available are manual, labor intensive and ad hoc. They have failed to secure and protect web-based applications and services.

Solutions Provided by the WAP Service

Avirtek has developed an innovative Web Analysis and Protection (WAP) cloud service that continuously monitors your website 24/7, prevents any type of attack against the website and also protects against injection of malicious code and data. In contrast to static, manual, labor intensive, and heuristic web analysis, Avirtek WAP technology is a paradigm shift based on an autonomic computing principle inspired by the human nervous system. By using Avirtek’s autonomic management, your website and data can be seamlessly protected with little involvement from users and system administrators.

The figure below shows the main modules that comprise the Avirtek WAP service. These modules consist of a web crawler and a big data analytics engine. The web crawler is the module that downloads a website’s web pages. These pages are then sent to the big data analytics engine, which analyzes them from different perspectives:

  • Static analysis: This analysis checks the structure of the web pages to make sure they are not compromised or have malicious code.

  • Dynamic analysis: This analysis inspects the web pages’ behavior by running them in an isolated environment to make sure there are no malicious activities that become active only at runtime. If an anomaly is detected, an alert will be generated and the appropriate recovery actions will be invoked based on the current security policies and the risk impact of the detected malicious web pages.

WAP diagram

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